How to make Vietnamese Iced Coffee at Home

If you end up getting invited to someone’s house after some time you will find yourself sipping one of their favorite beverages. The Vietnamese Iced Coffee or Café Sua is one of them. A manual pressed espresso or cappuccino greets the morning. When you feel sluggish in the afternoon, a Vietnamese iced coffee becomes your perfect friend. This famous Vietnamese Iced Coffee is the perfect combination of strong coffee and sweetened condensed milk with ice. The recipe for the Vietnamese iced coffee is pretty easy with a variety of methods to make. you will find that it is wonderful to make Vietnamese iced coffee at home, so you can make it easy and feel great.

The traditional Vietnamese iced coffee recipe is called Vietnamese Iced Coffee. A strongly brewed coffee sweetened with condensed milk and served on ice cubes. Iced coffee in Vietnamese style is smooth, strong, and sweet. It is a perfect joy for coffee lovers.

Vietnamese Iced Coffee at Home

Vietnamese Coffee

In the world, Vietnam is the 2nd largest coffee-producing country. Vietnam was introduced to coffee by French Missionaries, and from then it became the nation’s most loved drink and its cultivation increased.

Vietnam produces robust and dark coffee. To win your heart, Vietnamese coffee is full of flavor, richness, and sweet taste. It is almost close to Espresso in aroma and flavor.

cà phê đá, the Vietnamese Iced Coffee, is the traditional cold coffee that is made with condensed milk, filter coffee decoction, and ice cubes.

The Vietnamese Coffee does not include

  • Any cream or milk
  • Any froth or foam
  • Any sugar or syrup

Ingredients Required

Not much but only four ingredients are needed to make Vietnamese Iced Coffee at home:

Ground coffee – You need ground coffee, a strong one. That is used for making South Indian Filter Coffee, French Roast or espresso will be preferable.

Condensed Milk – condensed, sweet tinned, thick milk is used. According to your sweetness preference, pour the quantity of condensed milk.

Ice Cubes – As per the recipe.

Vietnamese Coffee Press or Filter

Vietnamese Iced Coffee Recipe

Vietnamese Coffee Filter

phin cà phê, the Vietnamese metal drip filter is used for pouring the coffee decoction into a cup or a glass. The base of this iced coffee is formed by the coffee decoction.

Vietnamese Iced Coffee at Home Recipe

The Vietnamese iced coffee is affected by three factors.

  • The quality of the coffee
  • The grind of the coffee
  • The amount of the sweetened condensed milk
  • Good coffee and adjusted grind according to your filter enhances its taste. You can adjust the sweetened condensed milk to your likeness. To reduce the extreme sweetness you can mix the sweetened condensed milk with some half and half. If you are in a hurry simply use.
  • At first, ground coffee is poured to fill the base of the coffee filter. Then the filter is placed on top of a glass.
  • The finished cup of this hot coffee is then put into a glass filled with ice cubes. Then to sweeten the coffee, condensed milk is added to the coffee.
  • To the steel filter, hot water is added where it lets out the drops of coffee decoction, drop by drop, slowly into the glass or the cup.

Brewing coffee without a Vietnamese coffee filter

Another way to brew coffee is by using a regular stovetop brewer, which is a traditional South Indian Coffee filter. Even you can use a French Press. But you have to make sure that you are using freshly brewed coffee for making the Vietnamese Iced Coffee.

The South Indian Coffee filter normally yields a good result as it also works on the process in which the Vietnamese Coffee Press works.

Making this coffee with a French Press

  • Adding two tablespoons of medium ground dark roast coffee to your French Press.
  • Add 2/3 cup of boiling water to the top. Reinsert the plunger into the pot, stop just above the water, and ground coffee. Let it stand for 3-4 minutes.
  • Once it is over, press the plunger, strain the coffee and pour it into an ice cube-filled glass.
  • Then add condensed milk and stir it well to mix.
  • Your Vietnamese Iced Coffee at home is ready.
Vietnamese Iced Coffee at Home

A specialty of Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Vietnamese Coffee is now the new trend among coffee lovers in worldwide. It is strong, meanwhile sweet too. They are using Robusta Beans that are way more caffeinated than other typical coffee beans and they taste smooth as compared to normal espresso as it is brewed slowly, drop by drop.

With a thicker brew, a stronger taste, and in addition of condensed milk, the Vietnamese Coffee becomes special.

Recipe Notes

  • Coffee: French Roast or Dark Roast acts best in making Vietnamese Iced Coffee. One used for making French Press, espresso, and South Indian Filter Coffee is perfect for making Vietnamese Iced Coffee. You may increase or decrease the quantity of coffee or brewing time according to your taste preference, like how strong or light you want your coffee to be.
  • Condensed milk: you can use Nestle Condensed Milk for this Iced Coffee. Adjust the amount of condensed milk according to your preference for sweetness. Normally the ratio of 2:1 is proper for me. That is two tablespoons of coffee to one tablespoon of condensed milk.
  • Filter: If you are facing an issue in arranging a traditional Vietnamese Coffee Filter, use South Indian Coffee Filter or French Press. Remember, the coffee decoction must seep drip by drip and not much faster. As slowly dripped coffee is stronger in taste. That is what makes Vietnamese Coffee special.


Calories: 64kcal | Carbohydrates: 11g | Protein: 2g | Fat: 2g | Saturated Fat: 1g | Cholesterol: 7mg | Sodium: 31mg | Potassium: 74mg | Sugar: 11g | Vitamin A: 53IU | Vitamin C: 1mg | Calcium: 57mg


  • For the slightly less sweet version, add sweetened condensed milk in proportion to half and a half before adding to the cup. Generally, we mix ½ sweetened condensed milk – ½ i.e. half and half.
  • If you want a hot version simply omit to put ice at the end. The hot version in Vietnam is usually served in a cup of hot water that helps keep it warm for a long time.


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